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You will see the islet in front of the beach with the tall, creamy Kremidas and Skordas, the Medieval Castle on a hill in the west of the city, you will have a boat and you will experience the magnificent beauty and tranquility of the sea caves in the bay of Lychnos, Sarakiniko and Agios Sostis and visit the fortresses of Parga and Anthousa.

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Nicopolis 3km outside Preveza, was built in 31 BC, in memory of the victory of the Ottavian on Antonius in the naval battle of Actius. It was endowed with great privileges and imperfections as a “free” Greek city and experienced great prosperity until the 6th century AD. In the 3rd century AD. was the capital of Old Epirus with a population of 300,000. He finally desecrated in the 10th to the 11th century due to earthquakes and raids. A large section of the wall is visible from the street and there is also a small museum.

Neochromania Acheron In a hill in the village Mesopotamos is the only necromancy of antiquity, built in the 5th century BC. with Cyclopean masonry, which is still preserved and impressed despite the church built over the 17th century. According to the ancients there was one of the two gates of Hades (the other one was at Tainaros) and there they went to communicate with the dead, after course of proper preparation.

Zalongos Rock It is the place of sacrifice of the women of Souli, who preferred to die rather than surrender to Ali Pasha in 1803. It is about 28 km. from Parga, but you must have the proper mood, because the path that will take you there and starts from the Monastery of St. Demetrius has 410 steps.

Acherontus estuary They are in the village of Ammoudia, which is exactly what he calls his name. A nice village with a beautiful beach from where you can ride a river by boat to almost the Necromania (4 km). The area has been proposed to join the Pan-European Network of Natura 2000 Protected Areas.

Wildlife Refuge Very close to Karavostasi beach, within a small plantain forest, there is the Partridge of Agrari Zoi of Perdika Community. If you are in the area along with your little “trouble”, it’s worth a visit.

Sagiada The northwest municipality of mainland Greece. A stone’s throw from the border with Albania and beside the delta of Kalamas, it is a fertile place with many mandarins, corn and fish farming. If you go make sure to climb the old sagiadis, the archaeological sites of Kassiopi in the village of Kamarina, the monument of Zaloggo a little above and north of the village of Kamarina.

Sources of Acheron No connection to sources. The name is a little misleading because it is not the point where the river begins. However, outside the village of Glyki, a lot of water flows into the riverbed. At this point Acheron is passable and the water slightly covers your knee. But keep in mind that the waters are almost frozen even in the weather, just because of the springs. A little further above are the Acheron Straits, which are impressive. You can spend enough in the Straits when swimming, when walking and climbing alongside waterfalls. At the beginning of the Straits you will find the “Tavvella Skala” and from this path you can visit the village of Samonika.

Partridge It is a beautiful village that is not on the sea but has friendly and cheerful inhabitants, it is crystal clear, it has a beautiful modern square with fountain and trees and taverns with very good food where they respect the client.

Infrastructure:Activities: In addition to water sports, Parga is the hiker’s paradise, the Venetian olive grove, the surrounding hills and the coasts are ideal for hikers. It is worth mentioning the book of the British lance Chilton that mentions some walks in Parga entitled “Walks in Parga “. The municipality of Parga has marked a single route from Parga to Valtos and from Valtos to the Old Fortress of Ali Pasha in Anthousa, but in the book we discovered wonderful real routes, you can buy it from the bookstores in Parga.

Sights Parga
Sights Parga
Sights Parga

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The Elena Rista Studios Parga is located in a highly touristic area, serve clients, who come to see the beauties of Parga, cool in blue waters of the Ionian Sea and to enjoy the beautiful beaches by swimming, sunbathing και water sports. Parga provides one of the best and most modern infrastructures in Greece (hotels, apartments, villas, studios, restaurants, spa, camping etc).