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Valtos: A huge beach suitable for all, families, couples, individuals etc. The beach is next to center of the Parga and visitor can reached it by boat, which we suggest, or on foot or by car also note that you can enjoy all water sports. Moreover we recommend you a morning walk or in dusk.

Sarakiniko: 12km of Parga, after the village of Agia, you can go by boat from the Parga, and also there is a path from Anthousa but it’s difficult , it is suitable only for the people who love to drive, we recommend it only to lovers of the puddle and jeeps. This beach has a beautiful sunset and is suitable for families and couples and for water sports has water bike and canoe. The waters are clean and only a small part of the beach covered with pebbles. Also you do not need to care about parking as you can find easy. To the route to there is well worth a stop at a source called “Bamoulo”. There are restaurants and cafes serving quite good food.

Agios Sostis: 1km south of Sarakiniko. Forget luxuries, such as restaurants, cafes, water sports, drinking water, people etc. and you discover what virgin nature is. If you own a jeep and you like driving at narrow and bumpy roads get a map and a compass, go to Anthousa enter the village and good luck. Where you see any person or animal like goat or donkey and generally something alive ask because otherwise you are lost!! Also if you want to play Indiana Jones get the jeep and go south after Sarakiniko. If you do not want to “marrzies” as the locals tell, take the boat from the pier and in 20 minutes you will be there. Apart from joke the beach is beautiful but worth visiting equipped.

Lichnos: Before arriving Parga there is a beautiful beach with water sports and all the facilities of the culture, cafes, restaurants etc. The access to the beach is by boat or by car, the waters are beautiful and in the most part it has sand, appropriate for everyone.

Agios Giannakis: 6km before you arrive in the town of Parga. The beautiful beach provides you water sports and is one of the cleanest beaches in the area, suitable for all.

Front and back Kryoneri: The central beaches in the town of Parga.

To summarize: Before entering the village Agia Kyriaki , 5km outside Parga, a sloping road with turns on your left you will find a small but clean and beautiful beach Agios Giannakis. After Agia Kyriaki and at 4 km from Parga on your left is the beach Lichnos. In the town and in front of the promenade are the beaches and Back Kryoneri Kryoneri. Two miles northwest of the town an asphalted road will lead you to the beautiful beach of Valtos. 12km. NW is the beach Sarakiniko. Finally, for those looking for something really different there are beaches like Agios Sostis, the Beretiniko the Starna Verna and Prapas Mali (the last not say but think that the path to Agios Sostis car is cycling compared with the routes needed to reach them) just ask

Parga Beaches
Parga Beaches
Parga Beaches

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The Elena Rista Studios Parga is located in a highly touristic area, serve clients, who come to see the beauties of Parga, cool in blue waters of the Ionian Sea and to enjoy the beautiful beaches by swimming, sunbathing και water sports. Parga provides one of the best and most modern infrastructures in Greece (hotels, apartments, villas, studios, restaurants, spa, camping etc).